Once in a Blue Moon... A Lunar Jackalope is Born!

Once in a Blue Moon... A Lunar Jackalope is Born!

These creatures discover they are quite different from a typical hare and just want to find a place where they belong in this scary new world! They may start their journey off alone but will you help them find their forever home? 

While Lunar Jackalopes are an uncommon find, this species is not as rare as we all may think. They even trick themselves into thinking they are too strange for this world and prefer to stay hidden, afraid of straying far from where they were born. But after looking up at the stars for so long these lost souls can't help but think... This place is much too big for them to be all alone in! 

Lunar Jackalopes are curious by nature and it only takes a little time for one to find the confidence to begin their first adventure. Each lone critter has their own dreams but at the end of the day all they want is to find unique and kindred spirits to walk the pathway of life with.

Born scattered throughout the lands, Lunar Jackalopes are very difficult to find due to their shy personality. Patience is key if you want to discover one, but once they are ready to emerge from their shelter these hidden gems are actually very adventurous and resilient! They are always able to find the courage to keep going no matter what obstacle they may come across.

Once the Lunar Jackalope sets their sights on finding a new place to call home, their ambition will not be deterred and will climb to great heights to make their journey’s end! With swift movements paired with an instinctively alert demeanor, they are especially quick to act on any dangers they are going to face in their lifetime.

We have found most Lunar Jackalopes come in different sizes, antler shapes and oftentimes celestial markings where the weather on the night they first appear could play a role in their traits and observed that the Jackalopes born during overcast appear with a foggy-like pattern on their coats and later will end up with a more hazy personality compared to their lunar counterparts.

To no surprise stars are very important to the Lunar Jackalope. However, specifically the ones with starry variations seem to show signs of being able to use them as a form of navigation! We believe this makes them more likely to be the natural explorers of the group, even if it takes a little time for them to realize they have this skill. But once they do, they are so excited to share it with you!

Even though Lunar Jackalopes become very active at night they still understand the importance of rest. Anytime a moonbeam would cross their path these critters would have hesitation to take a quick rest before they continue on their journey. Jme decided to tag along at the last minute and pointed out how these beams act like charging stations and we then noticed how they will shine a little brighter after they are able to recharge.

"Once in a Blue Moon" is now live on Kickstarter! I have until 4/29 to reach my goal so I can bring these cute fellows to life as plushies, pins, stickers, and more! We have had such a strong start and I have been over the moon with the amount of support I have received so far.
Thank you to those who have pledged or planning on pledging, as well as those who have helped me spread the word. Very excited to see where April will take us... Hopefully towards more Jackalopes! 

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