About Us

Hello! I am Danie Hadsall, a product development artist from Washington state and I am the one running this whole show!

I am an Illustrator, merchandise and branding designer known for making whimsical yet spooky designs. I have a deep love for fauna and find inspiration within nature, folklore, and in the weird but wonderful!

Before delving into my own small business, I worked with media brands including Bioshock, Ghostbusters, Destiny, and Amazon growing my skills in 3D and graphic design. This experience sparked a new curiosity leading me down a new path of creating merchandise featuring my own creations I have always wanted to see more of in the world. I have been managing my online shop(s) since 2020 in addition to my own booths at events around the Pacific Northwest since 2018.

I hope to continue working with small businesses and help causes that I care about finding others who are passionate about wildlife, the outdoors, folklore and fantasy leaving behind a little magic along the way

If you are interested in working with me please reach out via email at: artbydanie@gmail.com

Want to stock Curious Nature products at your store? Wholesale catalog can be viewed at curiousnaturestudio.faire.com or please reach out via email for custom wholesale orders.