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About Curious Nature Shop 

Curious Nature is a spooky yet cute fantasy artist shop by me, Danie Hadsall, featuring magical designs inspired by my love for mythical creatures and folklore!

This shop first began online and appearing in person at conventions since 2018 and now offers a selection of art and gifts with a selection of unique creations developed by a single artist with love and care.
This shop has been my passion since I rebranded in 2020 and I am thrilled to find so many other folks that enjoy the things I create. I hope to keep inspiring those who may be feeling a little lost to stay curious and to never stop wandering.

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About the Artist

Hello! My name is Danie Hadsall, a product development artist from Washington state and I am the one running this whole show!
I am an Illustrator, merchandise and branding designer known for making whimsical yet spooky designs. I have a deep love for fauna and find inspiration within nature, mythology/folklore, and in the weird but wonderful!