Stockists & Wholesale

Interested in carrying my work in your shop? I have a wide variety of Curious Nature products available to storefronts!

🌲 All wholesale inventory from Curious Nature Studio must be sold in their original packaging.

🌲 Wholesale items may not be edited, altered, or defaced in any way shape or form. All items must be sold in their original design/state.

🌲 Stockists are not permitted to trace, edit, copy, or reproduce any design or product from Curious Nature Studio. Doing so will result in being blacklisted and a DMCA will be filed for takedown.

🌲 Refunds on unsold merchandise are not permitted and will not be accepted.

For any questions or to place a wholesale order please email or using the contact form below

You can also find me on Faire here

Thank you for your interest!

 Name Location Website
Artisans Mercantile Everett, WA Site
Millstream Bainbridge Island, WA Site
Kinokuniya Bookstores Plano, TX Site
Montana Book Company Helena, MT Site
Artefaktual Comics Philippi, WV Site