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Krampus Alpine folklore this half demon, half goat beast is the evil counterpart to Saint Nicholas! Krampus comes out during Christmas-time to punish children who have been naughty, sometimes stuffing them into his basket, taking the troublemakers away forever!

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Mari Lwyd a skeletal mare from Welsh Christmas tradition who goes door to door with wassail-singing groups requesting permission to enter by song challenging the occupants to a battle of riddles & wit. Victory for Mari Lwyd allows entry into homes with offerings of food & ale, in return leaving the household with good luck for the new year to come!

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Jólakötturinn a large & vicious Yule cat from Icelandic folklore. It is said to roam the snowy countryside during Christmas time, targeting those who haven't received new clothes as a gift. To avoid the Yule Cat's wrath, people make sure to wear new garments during the holiday season.

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Schnabel Perchten a hooded, long beaked figure found in Austrian Folklore who dresses in old homespun clothing and carries large shears or cleaning tools.

They are seen wandering the streets during the wintertime chanting “Ga Ga Ga” going door to door checking in on the residents making sure they have been keeping their homes tidy, punishing those who have been lazy by slicing their stomachs open and filling it with trash!

The SchnabelPerchten is another variation of “Perchta” found in the Rauris Valley region in Austria.

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