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Moder the Jötunn (The Ritual) • Vinyl Sticker

Moder the Jötunn (The Ritual) • Vinyl Sticker

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"A god. Ancient. One of the Jötunn. A bastard offspring of Loki. We do not say its name. We worship it. It keeps us here. Let us live beyond natural life. No more pain. No more death. Your ritual begins tonight. It is a privilege to worship. You will kneel before the god. If not, it will hang you from the trees."

Moder is the main antagonist of Adam Nevill's 2011 British horror novel The Ritual, and its 2017 film adaptation. She is an obscure Jötunn that inhabits a forest in Northern Sweden and is venerated by an ancient group of cultists.

Created special for Tarot of FearHorror-themed, collaborative tarot card deck project created by independent artists.

Moder the Jötunn holographic sticker sales will be donated quarterly to The Trevor Project.
  • UV-protective layer, waterproof, and dishwasher safe

Styles Available:

  • Matte 
  • Holographic with a glossy finish

Size: 3" inches

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